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3 shooting sussect in custody ....a day after slamming a stolen car intootwo others.... -3 others.... 03:44 "exactly. there's no regard for human life anymmre." panymore." 3 poniiht, onn oofthe victims has died... and police now search for a áseconn suspect believed to be connected to the crime! & ------------------------------------------------ -------------- plus ootrage 3 casey athony is nnw a free wommn.... &p3 : "ttat she had such jury trral that was such a joke. a six-yeer-old would have made a more conscious efforr and actually did." as questiins are looming about -what she will do next ... ---------------------------------- - ----- ((( --------- 3 and playyime early turns deadly. p .. "i idn't want my brother to die, becauss it would be peally sad. çbutt toññ and our -3 life wouldn't be the same &pwwthout him." him."
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p3how ne boy's quuck thinking helped savv he life f his &pbrother! 3 3& hello, i'm jennifer gilbeet. -3 pbltimore police innestigate a deadly carrcrash.... involving two shooting suspects n thee run. the innocent victim... their escapee.ow serious charges are pending... while - pollce piece together the details that ed tt the crass. meeiina roeder ii live from phere it all ended ... oo feendale avenue in west 3 they wereetrying to flee from police.... when two suspects... drivingga ar that was stolen earlier in the dayy.. ended up colliddng with tho otter one of those innocenn drivers... diee from hhs sof the culpritt haa been arrested. but police arr still earching for a seeondd suspect... and some answers..- annwers. 3 03:377"itts scary. it reallyy is." (covee with crash scene vid) a startling scene saturdda.... for neighbors
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along ffrndall avenuee22:46 "i heard three booms, walked uup the street ann saw a body & lying on a curb nd some guy limping to theebaak yarr."a stolen car crashes into two -3 pther vehicles.and .... a susppct is seen stumbling away .... with a gun.policee.. urgee witnesses to stay indoors... & ntil the rmed man iss arrested..9:35 "aad he said ii would advise youuguys to go back in the house because & there's a guy runniig arounn proolem."the horrible crash... oodeal... that begaa hours - earliee.... ann miles away... heeeeon llbbrty heiigts.this is where police say a man... was shot ssturday morning... near his car. which was thee stolen.luckily that victim, is &pare still on eege..3:44 "exactly. there's no regard & for human liie anymore."15:05 & "iimmsuprisedd t wws on a busy road.. but nowadays people don't care."ii was later inn 3 offiier spotted the stolen
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mercedes benz alonn west - belvedere vvnue. the officer - tried following he carr.. but couldn't keep up.moments later....the meecedes.... reeprtedll spun out... cauuing &pthat deadly ollission.... that killed an innocent drivee 3 noo... pooice are still searching for a ppssiile - many are asking why? if the & crash coulddveebeen prevented? 33 juss run off... leaving -3 pomeone o badll injured... 04:05 but ii doesn't maattr &pmatter." (cover ith cras & scene vid) 15:37 "that's ad. -3&pthat's eally bad." police are not yet releasing -3&pthe identity of the male driver illed in the ccash... &pwho died today. ttey''e also right now... regarding tte pursuit... leading up to the ten. 3 baatimore police are on the lookout tonightt or whoever 3&ppolice say just before 6 this &pmorning ... a 21--ear-olddman baltiimrr on ward street.the victim
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lattr died attthe scene. his name asn'' been released & yyt.anyone witt informaaion is -3 uuged to call baltimore police - hooicide etectives at 410- 336--100. 3 3 pollce are searching for a punman who shot aad illed a man in east baltiiooe aaly yysterday happennd here on northhbond street and ashland avenue around ne in tte morningg thats where - officers found a 0-year-old man shot everalltimee. he wws rrced to the hospital where he later died. 3 a ggs station atttndant is shootduring an armed robbery in bel air. myranda stephens has more on the search for the &p 3 40:18 it's juss sad toolearn oo this in bel ir 22ccstomers bel air... weee shhckkd to learr hat haapened heee last niggtt cathyy39955 wwll it'ssa &pnice aaea and i live here and -3it's saa to think that there would be something that that woold occur heree04policeesay jjst after eleven 'clock ast niiht ... a suspeet walkee & ito the station on macphail road and shot tte attendant - with a handggn. the ictim - --3 knownn
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o co-worrers as monn - was rushhd tooshock trauma. brendan 33:19 i mean that's &pmessee p to shoot somebody prying to makk a livinggjust liie somebody else 22police aren't releasing many details abouu the shooting... but they say the suspect is a black &pmale, who was wearing a black ski maak and ll black clothing. he was last seen runniig from the statioo. detectiies aren't sure if he got away with any ccshh myranda 2:199but there are tte tore, which miggt hhlp -3 them in theii investigation 24 &p2740 i know he's a real nnce friendly guy. for ssmebody to jack arner does maintenance worr for exxon. he says the victim is one of the nicest people you couud everrmeet. jack 28:28 out f all attendaats i've met heee besidess he lady ho works pf thhm all 34nowwthe search -3 continues for he person who shot im. 28::6 i hope they catchhthe person thaa done t. i realll do 58in bel air, myranda stephhns, fox45 news at ten. -3& 3 one of the most watched murder defendants in now a free
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behiid...but for what? leess for unknown. manuever of the 25-year--ld's rrlease .... 3 years later. 3 &p3 3 after spending nearly three &&pyears behind bar... cassy a free woman. she was rellased shootlyyafter mmdnight. there were ooly three journalists &&ptooy zumbado: "as a camerammn yyuusee a sign of rrlief. you sse obviously, she's not 3 very bright smile. but theree is a sigh of ggld to be out of ttere."there was unusual security for her release as - outtiie he facility. mos1: "that she had such a jury trial ttat wasssuch a joke. a six-year-old would hhve made a more consciouu effoottand &decision thaa what they &&pactually did."casey was givenn
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about 5000doolars in cash ffom her jail account when she left. she aad her attorney & jose baez got into an s-u-v. the veeiile pulled intt a covered garage at an office building... but never reemerged.a ssootttime llaer, there waa pplice activvty as two vehicles pulled uu o a & private jet at an airportt but there is nn confiimation that caseyygot on tte official at the airport said the jettwas just carrying some golfers from their vacatiio - meanwhiie, some suppooters of -3 casey sayingg.. she deserves 3 need o rrspect the judicial 3 nd just let her and her fammly livv their lives."ii's nnt clear where casey will some seccrity expeetss aa shee& will need to lay low in a safe house for a oorando, casey stegall, fox news.
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3 today marked tteeend of the weekend-long artscape festival--- -many ggthered to eejoy stteet perffrmers as well as many art exhibitions..aad to help ooll off --- many enjoyed some ice cream and cool beveeages. despitt the heattand it being the lass day ---- theefestivvl -& still drew quite the crowdd &p3 "it is sunday o people have to get ready to go back to work,,but we're seeing a ot more than we would expect o & seeeon a sunday. suuday..rtscape is theelargest - the countryy this is - the festival's thirtiethh anniversary. it was a beautiful weekend, but t lloks llke the hot nd humid temperatures are on there way ack . with a ooo at whattyou ccn expect s you head back to workk let's check ii with meterologist tony -3 pagnntti in foo vytas.tony? tony? & 3 3 3
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3 pt long llst, theenfl lockout &pappears to be enterrng it's bruce cunningham joins us with that stooy... 3 a nnw collective bargaining agreeeent, see toorun for 1o years, will oiiely be ratified b y nfl owners and players nd - the locckut could end as soon
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assthursday.. thurssay.. 3 &p3 the feeeeal meeiator will rejoin the ttlks, which resume & ppayerr waat restoraaion o &benefits lost last year and wwnt workmen's cooppissues & aae seen toobe major roadblocks..if all ggessas exxected, thh layersswiil wednnsay, the ownnrs on thursday, and thennoo ridaa, a three day period for teams to negottate exclusively ith their own free gents...nd -3 thhn next mondayy business as usual... 3 p - 3 much more onnthe the usswomenns soccerr eam and the o's accually make itttwo
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& in roww.iuu's all ccmiig up on oou exxpnded sunnay night edition of sportssunlimited, & p3 & time is ticking tonight .... as negotiations contiiue over &pphe naaion's ddbt countdown as a way to reach a deal. 3 3 a camping trip turns iito a -3 is attacked by a bear!wwat the 200-pound beer was searching yoongg oy. 3&p and a faailyydiinerris áno longerá a family affairrwhy onn restaurant says you have - po leave the kidssat home!!
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3 tomorrow marrs tn years sinne & carrying azardousscargo phe howard strree tunnel downtown. car freeghh train derailed .... haltinggmuch of downtown and shutting down train traffii alonn the east coastt pemperrturrs in the tunnel rose as high as 15-hundrrd &pdegrres.public officials say - they have oww improved their communncation and coordination since neer-catassrophe. the city is notified about hazardous shhpments. and c-s-x -3& says t has taken adddtional prrcauttons to ppevent derailments. 3 in washington ... talks contiiue tonighh over the
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naaioo's debt limmt. 33 president obama say he is & hoopful that something big will be done soonnon a deal that would increase the &pnation'ssborrrwing limit. lawmakerr want to use the debt ceiling countdown as an term deficits. but negotiators 3 reach aa agreeeent or he - government will be foreced to defauut..- &p3 conflicting information tonight, n theehealth of former egyptian prrsiient hosnn mubarak. mubarak. a lawyer for the 83-year-old mubarak said -3 earlierrthat e had suffered a stroke and was in ccma. 3 medical team denies this- - saying he only suufered from loo bbood pressure and waas 3 been under arrest and inn since he was oussed from -3 office in april. he faccs ccarres offoffice in aprrl. he faces charges of ordering the 3 the egyptian reeolt. 3 &pp3 some caaadian troops are & their combat mission in
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hundred soldiees are leaving - todayy.. they are partt canadian ssldiers going home panadian solders died in afghanistan since combat began ii 2002. 3 33 in jjruselum... evacations 3 are harr at work .... ttying 3 the fire is burning through the jerusalem forest. ut it is aid to be -3 pnder control. fire rrws are concerned about the iiraali holocaust mmmorial yaa vashem... where thousands of are tored. the fire brrke oot in three placess causing suspiiioo that it may havv been ntentiooally sst. p3 3 "i'mma part of it, i've veey excited and it makes me want 3 bbeaking a sweat and improving tte environmmnn .... how time -3&pon the trradmill is poweeiig a - pec facility! 3 3 and a yoonn boy is being hailed a hero tonight! how the 10-year-old's quiik thhnkingg helped save the ife of his
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youngerrbrother! 3 smoking.. banneddin áallá public places? tte ttend to snuff out those cigarettes... monday on fox 45 nnws at 5:30. [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ] one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations. [ male announcer ] get your own bbq pulled pork sub at subway®. tender, slow-cooked pork with irresistibly bold barbecue sauce. subway. eat
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after some short-llved reliee ---- prices at the pump are going back uupin baltimore 3 68 cents for gallon of 3 last week..ut last year we wereeonly shelling out 2 dollaar and 62centt. causing drivers to thhnkktwice before hitting he road. & 3 ""ven if i want to go powntown, and it's nnt that farrfor me, but it's like, ok, i know i'm going to spend at least 20 to 25 ii gas to get there and every timm you tuur & pround, everyday you're at the pumpp" & pumm..the national average &alss sits at 3 dollars and 68 cents for aagallon of regular.. &p 3 and oor puup paarol can tell you where to finddthe best gas bargains in the baltimore-dot-com... and click 3 and as the ppiie of gas is going up, so is the -3 pemperaaure. let's check n wiih eterologist tony pagnottiiwith a look at juut
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& tony?
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3 rememmer fox45 skywatch 3 fingertips. iiradar is available at foxbaltimoreedot pom. you can use fox455s interactive ttols aan powerful doppler &pradar to track comiig storms. go to ffxbaltimorr dot com and click on i-radar. &&p p3 the ummer heat may e helping 3 ---- create energy.
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3here at the drrxel university rec centeerin philadelphia --- poung ssieetists are turnnng sweaatinno eneegy.taking the -3 ittinto electriiiiy. and any & are gladdto be a part of this & "sweatt" process. 3 "beiin able to turn aal this into eeergy is definitell a positivv beeefit and 33 they've even powered this ssgn here using the kinettc energy produced from working outt they're hopinggone day thhy'll have enouuh energy toopower & the entire building. 33 & 3& a change in policy at the &poutrage!where yoo will notá 3to leave tte kidd at home. 3 3 " i've never donn it, i'm not ssre it will wwrk, bbt let's try this." this." &p p 10-year-old comes to the rescue of his ounger brothee.... hokkng on a marble! hho his quick thinking saved his rothees life!
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3 a reetaurant in peensylvania & is gainnng wwrlddide atttntion ---- aal beccuse of one t mcdain's ---- &pno children under he age f 6 arr aalowed to dine at the - resttuuant.owner --- mike vuiic changed the policy based on customer requusts --- saying the support is 11 o one -- in favor of the chiid reccived thousands off
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suppoottve lettees and ee 3 we're with you, we're glad you raised ttis issue. we oo hhve had circumstances youu described n your various interviews with having meals ruined by improperly 3 wiihhyou. but of course not everyone is inn avor offthe ban.many 3 mean.....and unfaar to the families with wwll-behavedd & kids. how would yoo ike a new i-pad tww for less than 70 bucks? hat was tte deel offered on the sears website. online shoppers at sears-dottcom were told theyy could get an "i--pad two" for just 69 dollarss but it turns out the pricc was a big pmistaae. sears is apologizinn and saying the error wws caused by a thirr-party &vendor. the deal will ánotá be honored, and anyone who i-pads will be iven a full 3 a thirteen yearr-ld colorado - boy is recoovring tonight
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aftee he was attacked on a - 3 a bear went into the thirty yesterday morning aatacked the boy. ricc voss awoke to the bear biting his left leg... leaviig deep cuts - pnd bruises. ther campers were somehow able to ccase the beaa ff.vossssays voss says: "he tried tt pull me out attone point. - luckily my pajamas just broke him, so e just took my pajamass" pajaaas." 3 with the elp of trackiig dogs, officials were able to -3& sppttthe 200-poundd black beer lesssthan a mile from the -3 attack anddthe animal was putt &pdown last nnght. 3 a 10-year-old boy bbcomes a hero --- when e saved hii little brrther's life. liff.6-year-old clayyon was playing iiside his home 3 ptuck innhissthroatthe - turned blue.thht's when his older brother stepped in ---- performinggtte heemlich maneuver. 3 "i diin't want my brother to
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die, because it would be peally ssd. aad my family would also be sad, and our life wouldn't be thh same pithoutthim." 3 the boys ay theemarble came ableeto breath ii just glad bott her sonssare o-k. 3 3 .aaotherrclassic in the wooenns woold cup....he ttrilling finish... thattccme &up innsports unlimited..
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[ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ] one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations. [ male announcer ] get your own bbq pulled pork sub at subway®. tender, slow-cooked pork with irresistibly bold barbecue sauce. subway. eat fresh®. 3&pthe maryland food bankkand the
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bbllimore orioles teamed p &pthis weekendd--- for the 4th annual ooioles wives food drive. 3voluntters --- ncludinn the wives of many orioles players of camden yards --- collecting canned goods and donations at todays game against the & indians. "it is goinn amazing. we have gotten so much sspporr, lots pf donatioos, lots of cans oo food nd other necessiiiess so pt's beenna greaa day." day."lasttyear --- the orioles wives fooo drive collected 2- thoussnd ppuuds of food and 20- thousand dollars. 33 -3 3 3 .that's ll for the news at pen... bruue cunninggam joins us witt aathrilling finish to sports unlimited... bruce....- 3 .coming up tonight on sports uulimited... penalty kicks seem to bb a heme for the u-s women's socccr team... the dramatic ending othis yeer's world cup... cup... 3& pthe oriooes going for 2 in a row... the play that will be & on all the hhihlight reels... plus ffrmer orioles vice us live in studio to disseet where the teaa is.... and where it's headed....the
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a thing of the past... our morgan aasit getssan iiside look at how raaens rookie torrey mithhspends his free pime....and phii miikelson makks a ccarge at the bbitish -33 open... but was there anooherr phil collapse???... .sports unlimited starts right aater this... 3 ññ
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